Virtual Learning Designer & Facilitator

The training must go on!


The feeling of meeting a LIVE audience face to face is something special, also virtual.


You set the bar high for interaction, engagement, entertainment and real connection in virtual space too.


You are aware that an EXTRAordinary and memorable virtual training strategy requires design, technical and didactic expertise.

All of us in the learning space are in a world right now where we are adapting our in-presence training to a virtual format. But, what does this mean – both from a mindset and skills perspective for us as learning professionals? The good news is the technology has caught up and there are a lot of options available now to host live virtual training programs. Our #virtualspacehero Virtual Learning Designer & Facilitator Program has been adapte to the needs of various clients and been conducted as an in-house as well as open program.

Learning objectives

This course is designed for workshop facilitators who want to bring and further develop their brilliance to the virtual space. In several consecutive modules we will take you on a learning journey and help you plan your virtual workshops, learn how to engage with your audience and how to ensure learning transfer of your virtual programs.  Throughout the LIVE modules you will acquire the skills and knowledge you need to develop and conduct Live Online Trainings and Workshops.

What other elements ensure your learning success throughout our program?

We offer you a wide range of additional elements to ensure that you can implement the contents of the live sessions in the best possible way. You stay in contact with your learning group and the trainers through peer coaching sessions, our participant discussion forum and online group mentoring circles. In your final capstone project, you will implement what you have learned and present it to a jury to receive further feedback.

#virtualspacehero testimonials on previous programs

Professional, self-confident, enjoyable (online) facilitator. I was very impressed with how Barbara managed to facilitate a hands-on session with over 170 participants.

Christina Merl

A fantastic aspect. is the workshop model, extremely interactive and participative, with the possibility of reflecting and sharing with the rest of the participants, but also in an energizing and convivial atmosphere. After so many webinars and online workshop, this one energized me, Thank you Barbara Covarrubias Venegas for this fantastic event!

Verónica De la Fuente

I attended one of Barbara’s virtual session and I literally didn’t see the time passed! The flow was nice, the pace was perfect and exercices right on point to push me to ask myself the right questions about engagement and connection between people in a virtual environnement! You have a real talent Barbara, keep up the good work!

Amelie Crouzat



Gamification in virtual settings


Advanced producer training


Platforms & Tools for virtual workshops


Storytelling in virtual workshops


Visualisation of your content


Virtual Troubleshooting

Trainer Team

Barbara Covarrubias Venegas

Barbara Covarrubias Venegas

Founder #virtualspacehero

Barbara is an Expert for New Ways of Working & Digital Leadership | Virtual Learning Journeys. She defines herself as a Virtual Enthusiast, researcher by education, speaker by passion and author by results.

She is passionate about New Ways of Working & Learning, Positive Leadership & CULTURE overall. For the past 10 years, she has been very involved with the intercultural community across the globe, not only as a researcher or professional, but also as a virtual team leader and team member.

As an educator she has been designing virtual learning journeys for the past years: her signature #virtualexchange project is the Global Case Study Challenge, an award-winning teaching project, with more than 600 students from 22 countries across the globe.

Nina Bauregger

Nina Bauregger

Founder Austrian Leadership Academy

Nina is a Marketing & Communications expert, with a focus on Change Management, Digital Transformation and Marketing Strategy. She has studied in Austria, Japan, the UK and Barcelona and is holding Master Degrees in Communication & Marketing, British & American Studies as well as an MBA in Digital Marketing.

Her professional track record includes senior marketing & sales positions for global players such as SWAROVSKI, IKEA, EF LANGUAGE TRAVEL or ERSTE BANK AUSTRIA. She has worked as a trainer, public speaker and consultant for 15+ years and greatly enjoy supporting individual & corporate change and development. In her portfolio you find workshops and trainings on e.g. marketing strategy, digital transformation, leadership and new work topics.

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