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We are a team of creatives designing and producing small-scale events such as teambuildings to very big virtual events, providing the platform which best fits your needs!


#virtualspacehero production is a diverse team of people from across the globe and we design and produce EXTRAordinary and memorable virtual events offering event moderation, live streaming support, moderators for small group activities, visual artists, musicians, video creation, event photography, personal trainers for stretching in the breaks and of course DJ #virtualspacehero.
– without losing the impact of your message!
Our concept: a virtual one-stop-shop!

Virtual Event Design & Production

We analyse your needs, design and produce an EXTRAordinary and memorable virtual event for you. Engagement and interaction for your speakers and participants guaranteed!

Virtual Training & Coaching for you

We train and coach you online and guarantee in the handling of online tools/platforms or in the design of virtual moderations and/or any kind of virtual events.

Virtual Moderation for your Event

We also moderate your virtual event for you! Leave the online moderation of your (international) interactive workshops, teambuildings, company events or conferences to us.



The feeling that comes from being face-to-face with a LIVE audience is something special, and it drives us. We are committed to constantly raise the bar for interaction, engagement, entertainment and connection in the virtual space.

?  and another amazing fact: we work in more than 10 different languages  ?



Barbara Covarrubias Venegas

Founder #virtualspacehero
At #virtualspacehero we set the bar high for interaction and engagement. We always offer new creative and innovative concepts. Guaranteed: your attendees will become participants!

Gradiola Kapaj

Platform Expert
I do not want to be limited by technology – nor do I want our clients to be so. That’s why I love to investigate the different platforms and find the one most suited for each event.

DJ #virtualspacehero

Music artist
As a music artist in the virtual space my aim is to create a memorable atmosphere through music. #interaction #fun

Tamara Mladenovic

Project Assistant
At #virtualspacehero we set the bar high for interaction and engagement. We always offer new creative and innovative concepts. Guaranteed: your attendees will become participants!

Joanna Sell

Visual Storytelling & Facilitator
As a moderator of virtual events, I am facilitating discussions and exchange with energy and enthusiasm. Besides, I support your presentations with visuals and storytelling.

Tobias Grünfelder

Keynote Speaker/Magician
As a keynote speaker and magician I want to surprise, inspire and connect people. Real magic happens in meaningful interactions.

Kadidja Naief

Producer & Virtual Facilitator
I love that moment of personal connection in virtual events, and that’s why I’m here: to break the ice and encourage you to connect with authenticity, joy and playfulness.

Emanuele Terenzani

Visual artist
Making live comics that capture the moment, grab the attention, bring fun, make it different and provide a memorable takeaway afterwards.

Stella Maria Schletterer

Music artist
Music stimulates our brain and also our creative capacity. I accompany your participants with the sound of the guitar strings. Let the music begin! ?

Online Gaucho

Video artist
My passion is to create EXTRAordinary event videos, so that the experience your participants had during our virtual event is a visual memory of the event for you and your whole organisation.

Brett Parry

Producer & Live Stream Expert
I like to inspire the possibility in others; using compassion, action and knowledge to develop their own skills and abilities as a way to bring their own unique voice to the world in the virtual space.

Carmina Marco

I enjoy capturing meaningful moments in the virtual space – setting the scene for EXTRAordinary and memorable pictures in a unique setting is most important to me.

Donna-Marie Jørgensen

Virtual Facilitator
As a Moderator in the virtual space, my goal is to deliver fabulous facilitation and create an unforgettable atmosphere! #interaction #fun #inclusion

Tomás Canale

Web Design & UX/UI
My aim is to create an engaging experience for our participants from the very first contact onwards, e.g. through the landing page/website.

Pari Namazie

Producer & Virtual Facilitator
To me, life is all about creating meaningful connections whether we do that online and/ or in-person, let’s make an impact. We are not here to play small, we are here to dream wide and big!

Berta San Martín Moreno

Virtual Facilitator
As a curious mind always eager to learn and share, my aim in the virtual space is connecting people to enjoy the most memorable learning experience!

Gabriela Weglowska

Producer & Virtual Facilitator
Facilitating learning is an art, designing it is a science! As a virtual moderator my mission is to design and facilitate memorable intercultural learning experiences.

Rubén Gadea

Virtual fitness
No one doubts the benefits of sport for our minds. Physical well-being is linked to mental well-being, especially if you want to have an agile mind for creativity. Let’s move – also in the virtual space!

Anna Zinenko

Producer & Virtual Facilitator
#intercultural #sustainability #moderation #cooperation

Patricia Malidor Coleman

Virtual Facilitator
Together we create a Spirit of Community. I use music, singing, movements, jokes and deep spiritual connections. #diversity

Route good mood

Music artists
We create an enthusiastic live performance with evergreens and hits through all decades and pick you up with feelgood music. Let’s get excited!

Camilla Degerth

Coach & Virtual Facilitator
I create a trusting inclusive virtual space for shared experiences, learning and growth, no matter where in the world you may be.

Aletta Bredewold

Virtual Facilitator
Passionate about people and curious to their internal worlds shaped by their cultural profile and life experiences, I’m always seeking to create a safe (virtual) space with positive vibes to share and learn together. #perspective360

Jill Sheldekar

Producer & Virtual Facilitator
The virtual space is an exciting and dynamic world full of endless opportunities to expand our collective abilities. I enjoy finding fun and creative ways to work towards a common goal while forging authentic connections.

Marie-Theres Euler-Rolle

Keynote speaker prep

Maria Añó Perelló

Virtual Facilitator
As a moderator I love to shorten distances in the virtual space by creating a comfortable environment with my enthusiasm and high energy level.

Vin Kwon

Project Assistant
I’m passionate about conducting an intercultural projects and learning & experiencing new cultures through people from different backgrounds.

Gudrun Gaedke

Producer & Virtual Facilitator
As a moderator at virtual events, I use interactive activities to noticeably connect the participants with one another. #hosting #interaction #connection

Almendra Staffa-Healey

Virtual Facilitator
Intercultural learning comes from engaging in novel situations and processing experiences across cultures. As a Moderator of the virtual space I’m passionate about facilitating frame shifting and expanding perspectives.

Gertraud Eregger

Virtual Facilitator
My #1 mission is to create space of energy & connection wherever I go and live. Topics that rise my heart beat are: seeing global organizations creating a culture of kindness, openness & pure diversity AND maximize results and deep connections.


Maybe you?

If you are interested in joining our team, get in touch! we are looking forward to getting to know you!

Nancy Bravo

Virtual Facilitator
As a moderator I bring my intercultural experience with me working with differente countries. I work in three different languages: Spanish, English and German #interaction #biculturality space I’m passionate about facilitating frame shifting and expanding perspectives.

Katja Keischnigg

Blog & Marketing Intern
Bringing people together, professionally and personally, in the virtual space is really rewarding. It is getting increasingly important to learn how to navigate the virtual space most efficiently, while not neglecting the human aspect of it.


An extraordinary and memorable virtual event needs strategy, design, technical expertise and flawless coordination behind the scenes.

Even though in your event are more than 500 virtual attendees, we create an environment that is still intimate and exclusive to your audience. Our goal is to deliver a similar user experience whether you were in the room together or participating in the virtual space from somewhere else in the world.


The first step is a thorough analysis of your needs. We are going to provide you with the right solutions that increase audience engagement and attendee satisfaction.


We provide you with a vision for repurposing your content in a meaningful way in the virtual space. We create opportunities for people to make authentic, meaningful connections.


Based on our analysis and brainstorming we design your virtual events to provide your participants but also your speakers with a highly engaging experience.


The key to creating engaging virtual events is moderation. We support you with experienced hosts and moderators who ensure your guests are having a great time and staying engaged.


A virtual event doesn’t mean that you need to forego entertainment. Our team of visual artists, musicians, DJ, personal trainers and trained moderators are a guarantee for a memorable virtual experience.


We provide the team that will build your entire virtual event and manage all of the technical and organisational aspects. Consider us as your team behind the scenes, there to support you in every way!

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