How can we use stories and fairytales in our training?

Persuasion is the centerpiece of training and teaching, and a great resource for keeping the audience engaged with the topic you want to discuss in the virtual space, is storytelling. Read here more about how to use storytelling in your virtual training.

How to design and facilitate an inclusive virtual training program?

#IMPLUSION = Impact+Inclusion. This blog article summarizes the key elements to be considered before, during, and after a virtual training to ensure inclusion in the virtual space. Besides,, you will learn how you can address your own biases and use inclusive language.

How to design a virtual onboarding event for newcomers?

Many organisations are still 80% remote, but not many have understood the importance of a proper virtual team building. Read on how to design and facilitate an EXTRAordinary virtual experience for your new team members!

How to design and organise a virtual career fair?

Be it before or during one´s studies, or only after graduation, at some point we all start thinking about our career path. Read in this blog what to consider when organising a virtual career fair?