How to communicate professionally and effectively in a virtual team?

effective virtual communication

The ongoing transformation of the workplace into a virtual environment necessitates an equally swift evolution in how we communicate. In one of our recent workshops on Effective Communication in Virtual Teams, we highlighted this development, sparking a conversation among students and professionals alike.

How Can We Manage Digital Overload?

Are you overwhelmed by the constant digital noise? This blog post explores strategies for individuals, teams and organisations on how to manage digital overload and disconnect to stay connected.

How Can Remote Work Enhance Workplace Diversity?

How can remote work enhance workplace diversity?

56% of companies have implemented remote work strategies, leading to unexpected benefits. This blog post will discuss how remote work can boost workplace diversity and offer strategies to sustain an inclusive environment.

How to Rock Your Virtual Presentation?

While we have great knowledge of how to do on-site presentations, in the virtual space we connect differently and therefore demand a special presentation skill set. Learn in this blog how to make them better!

How to Give Feedback in Global Virtual Teams?

Feedback is a crucial part of teamwork, as it can boost motivation, engagement, and performance within the team. Read in this blog on how to make your feedback more efficient when working in global virtual teams.